Council of Elders

The ruling body that has run Remnant since the Great Calamity. The Council has survived several rebellions and crises and still maintain control of the city today.

Council Structure

The Council has traditionally consisted of nine members including the Grand Councilor who presides over the Council. Each of the nine members represent one of the cities nine districts. Council members serve for life and choose their own replacements.

Decisions made by the Council are the result of a democratic vote among them. The High Councilor only votes if the vote stands at a tie. The position of Grand Councilor is also a decision made by the Council via majority vote. The Grand Councilor is elected by the Council after the death of a previous Grand Councilor.

Council Through the Ages

Several important Councils will come up from time to time. The most important are the following three.

The First Council – This is the Council that created the Elder’s Barrier. It is considered the great collection of human intelligence and wisdom ever assembled. Each of the men are famous in their own right and have great deeds to their names, but it was their collective effort to save Remnant that made this group of men demigods in the eyes of the people of Remnant

The Red Council – Considered the worst Council ever assembled. Many tragedies occurred during their time in office. Their leader is considered the most vile man ever to live in Remnant. His evil deeds can still be felt in the city to this day.

The Current Council – This is the modern Council and is important mostly for that very reason.

Council of Elders

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