The last pocket of the once mighty civilization of humans. The city survived the Great Calamity because of a powerful force field erected by the Council of Elders who ruled the city during the time of the Great Calamity.

The Council of Elders continues to rule the city to this day, hundreds of years later. They maintain the Elder’s Barrier and oversee the administrative running of the city. Despite the best effort of the Council of Elders the History of Remnant has not always been a tranquil one. Despite the setbacks of the past Remnant is a fairly peaceful place in 457ES save recent rumors that the Elder’s Barrier has begun failing. For their part the current Council of Elders, lead by Grand Councilor Shea Morrell, have denied all claims of the kind.

City Districts

The city of Remnant is divided into nine different sections known as districts. Each district is almost a mini city onto itself. It has its own personality, landmarks, interesting people, and a Councilor.

1.Subterranean District – Because the population of Remnant continued to rise, despite the best efforts of many a Council of Elders, the city was forced to expand. Expansions skyward had pushed to their very limit when the Peak District was created, so there was no where to go but down. The Cavern District has already been discovered and settled, but more room was required. Thus the people of Remnant continued to tunnel downward and created the Subterranean district

2.Cavern District -

3.Northground District -

4.Southground District -

5.Eastground District -

6.Westground District -

7.Upper District -

8.Tower District -

9.Peaks District -


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